Experience History:-
You will be employing the services of myself, Russell Yardley.
I have been working as an Electronics Design and Development engineer within
the UK electronics industry since 1982.

Primarily I have worked within the Power Electronics Industry, as a designer
of electronics for such items as inverters, motor drives and electronic power supplies.
Switched mode power supplies (SMPS) has been a major area of my design activity.
I have experience of industrial, medical, automotive and consumer electrical and electronic equipment.

I worked originally as a design engineer for a small number of companies as an employee before
branching off as a freelance electronic design consultant in 2000, via my company
Northstead Design Ltd.

I have regulatory experience of product design, including safety and EMC compliance.

As a designer I know that for safety and reliability it is important to go through a
completed design with a "fine tooth comb" with respect to choice of components, failure mode "what ifs",
environmental effects, and user abuse etc.
This enables me to technically assess that a product is fit for purpose.

An important part of product design, which is often overlooked either through ignorance
or perceived cost, is the FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis).
An FMEA forces designers to look in detail at a products design and if done correctly
and actions followed through, is part of the due diligence process of putting a product
on the market. Neglecting this process can be a major reason for product failure with
possible fatal consequences.

I am a Chartered Electrical Engineer, being a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET),
(Formerly the Institution of Electrical Engineers IEE).

I have successfully undertaken expert witness work.
Typical examples of expert witness work that I could undertake:-

Consumer electronics goods faults.
Fires caused by electronic equipment.
Electric shock and injury via faulty electrical or electronic equipment.
Assistance in fire investigations possibly attributed to faulty or badly designed equipment.
EMC related investigations.
Investigate whether electronic products are fit for purpose.
Power supply failures.
Failure of electronic products to perform.
Electronic equipment failure analysis.
. Industrial electronic equipment failures.
. Failure of equipment the consequence causes you loss.
. Design flaws in electronic equipment.
. Unit and component failure investigations.
. Patent infringement.
. Electronic product compliance issues.
. Cause and Origin Investigations.
. Due diligence product design.
. Civil, Criminal, Publicly funded, Professional negligence (Defence/claimant)
. Technical reports and advice.
. Dispute resolution.
. Surveys, critique, thorough investigation.
. Expert Testimony

The above list is not conclusive so please contact me to check if my expertise will be suitable
for your particular case.

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