Typically the following types of service of a freelancer are offered :-

Contract electronic design services
Reports and feasibility studies
Design verification
Custom design
EMC related issues
Troubleshooting existing designs
Choosing off the shelf power supplies for custom applications.
General electronics design.
Design for EMC and safety compliance.
. Wound component design.
. Circuit simulation.
. Spreadsheet solutions.
. Relevant consultancy.
. Unit and component failure investigations.
. Product support on existing products.
. PCB design
. Expert Witness work
. Engineering assistance hire.
. Design reviews.
. Recruitment assessor
. Fault finding and repair
. Technical documentation.


Design work can be carried out on or away from the customers site as dictated by the project.
Contracts would normally be charged on an hourly/daily rate , but it may also be possible to
do fixed price work if the goals are clearly defined.
Whilst you may engage me direct via my Ltd. Co., I will also work via recruitment agencies.
If you are a recruiment agent then please contact me for details.

On successful completion of the project, if required ongoing support services could be offered.

If you have any potential projects or parts thereof, then please do not hesitate to contact Northstead Design Ltd. to discuss terms.
If you have a design resource shortfall and need an electronic engineer as a short term
help be it for electronic design or support issues, testing or type testing, technical documentation etc
then this is another area we can assist you with.

Analogue and digital design:

General analogue and digital mixed design to complement other aspects of electronics.

Wound component design:

Hands on practical and theoretical design experience enables Northstead Design Ltd. to offer design services in the following.

. Flyback transformers
. Resonant chokes
. Forward (Bridge,push pull,half bridge) transformers.
. EMC chokes
. High power chokes (PFC, DC output, buck etc.)
. Current transformers
. Pulse and gate drive transformers
. Saturable chokes
. tuned filter chokes (e.g. for bandpass filters)

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